Lynnfield Civic Association Member Dues Collection

$25.00 Dues Collection Begins September 2023

        Our Lynnfield Civic Association will be actively collecting our $25.00 members dues during

        September and October of this year to prepare for our largest community expense of

        clearing the snow during the winter months. We will be distributing collection letters soon
        and relying on communication via
NextDoor and to
        remind our neighbors of this important collection. This modest payment goes along way to
        help keep our community safer via clearing snow from the winter roads and providing light
        at the community entrances, as well as for any of the other minimal community expenses such

        as copying for newsletters, etc. Without these funds, our neighborhood roads will not cleared

        as that is not a service provided by New Castle County or DelDOT. By paying these dues you

        also acquire membership in the LCA and can therefore participate in any community voting

        processes that may arise. Please either give your dues to your District/Street Representative
        or drop them off or mail them to the Lynnfield Civic Association, 123 Homewood Rd,
        Wilmington, DE 19803. Your dedication to our neighborhood is appreciated!


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Reminder to Clean up After and Leash Your Dogs:

Recently, there has been an increasing problem with dog owners not picking up and disposing of their dog's waste and leaving it on other neighbor's property or on the sidewalks, as well as, allowing dogs to roam without a leash or to "run at large".

New Castle County Code requires that dog owners clean up after their dogs on their property and anywhere else that the dog may leave waste. Here is a link to that code:

Delaware Code also requires that dogs not be permitted to run at large. Here is a link to this code:

Living peacefully in a neighborhood like Lynnfield requires cooperation and respect from all. The Lynnfield Civic Association respectfully asks all dog owners to properly care for and clean up after your dogs. Your assistance in keeping Lynnfield safe and clean is greatly appreciated!

Hello and Welcome to Lynnfield! 

Our small, quiet community has a long history

in North Wilmington since 1954.

Welcome to Lynnfield

North Wilmington, Delaware

Lynnfield, Wilmington, DE 19803 


Lynnfield Civic Association Board Members

Elected Officials:

President, Cathy Curry

Vice-President, Callye Morrissey

Secretary, Katelyn Smigo

Treasurer, Mary Jo Lobosco

Street/District Representatives:

Lower Homewood. Judy Petterson

Upper Homewood, Rebecca Reed

Lower Ridgeland, Steve Lafferty

Upper Ridgeland, Ann Phillips

Carlie Road, Alice Collins

Bette Road, Linda Mirante


LCA Neighborhood Directory

We are no longer offering a neighborhood directory as it is not up-to-date. Lynnfield NextDoor does offer messaging to other Lynnfield NextDoor members.

LCA Email Contact List:

Send your email address to to be added to our email contact list.

Lynnfield Park - Playground:

The NCC Parks Dept maintains the Lynnfield Park. Mulch replenishment of the playground area has been requested (4/28), as well as, evaluation of the pavilion area for cleaning or replacement. Update: Repeated requests have been made to the NCC Parks Maintenance Team for playground repair of the bumble ride, replacing the wooden barriers, weeding and mulching the playground area and cleaning the pavilion. The Dept is understaffed. We are also trying to arrange to assist with a community volunteer clean up day but need the coordination of supplies with the Parks Maintenance Dept. Will update as possible.

Please be sure to keep the park clean by properly disposing of any trash.

Thank you to the Parks Maintenance crew for keeping the grass cut!