Welcome to Lynnfield

North Wilmington, Delaware

Hello and Welcome to Lynnfield! 

Our small, quiet community has a long history

in North Wilmington since 1954.

2019 Annual Lynnfield and Webster Farm Yard Sale

Saturday, September 14th
(Date Correction)

8: AM to Noon

No registration is necessary.

We hope that many homeowners can participate in either buying or selling!

This event is advertised in the DE News Journal, on Next Door and an Craigs List.

Please note there is no gathering planned afterwards at the park.


LCA Dues Collection
Our 2019 LCA Dues Collection has begun. Please submit your $25.00 yearly LCA dues to your local district rep or send to the LCA Treasurer (both as listed on the collection and newsletter). These funds will be used for the benefit of our neighborhood for services such as snow removal. Thank you for your consideration!

LCA Neighborhood Directory

If you are an LCA member and would like a printed copy of our neighborhood directory, please reply here, or private message me or e-mail us at board@lynnfieldcivicassociation.com or text me at 302-333-0398 with your name and address. If you are an LCA member and would prefer a PDF copy of the directory, please include your e-mail address. Thank you so very much to Callye for updating and maintaining our directory! We do our best to include up-to-date information, but if there are any discrepancies, please notify us and we will make the correction for the next print.

Lynnfield Park - Playground:

Thank you to the NCC Park Maintenance Dept for cleaning our Lynnfield playground equipment and for mulching the playground area!


Email LCA Here

Lynnfield, Wilmington, DE 19803 


Lynnfield Civic Association Board Members

Elected Officials:

President, Cathy Curry

Vice-President, Sande Caton

Secretary, TBD

Treasurer, Mary Jo Lobosco

Street/District Representatives:

Lower Homewood. David Landow

Upper Homewood, Katelyn Smigo

Lower Ridgeland, Steve Lafferty

Upper Ridgeland, Callye Morrissey

Carlie Road, Alice Collins

Bette Road, Linda Mirante

DE Mosquito Control

The inspection of Lynnfield for a mosquito problem was negative last year. Therefore no neighborhood wide fogging or treatment was necessary. Residents should continue to treat their properties for any localized problems as they are comfortable. Please try to limit any standing water to help keep the mosquito population low. If you feel the problem worsens this year, please let us know and we can request a re-evaluation.

Fogging Q&A

Asian Tiger Mosquito Checklist

Reminder to Clean up After and Leash Your Dogs:

Recently, there has been an increasing problem with dog owners not picking up and disposing of their dog's waste and leaving it on other neighbor's property or on the sidewalks, as well as, allowing dogs to roam without a leash or to "run at large".

New Castle County Code requires that dog owners clean up after their dogs on their property and anywhere else that the dog may leave waste. Here is a link to that code:

Delaware Code also requires that dogs not be permitted to run at large. Here is a link to this code:http://delcode.delaware.gov/title16/c030f/sc04/index.shtml#3048F

Living peacefully in a neighborhood like Lynnfield requires cooperation and respect from all. The Lynnfield Civic Association respectfully asks all dog owners to properly care for and clean up after your dogs. Your assistance in keeping Lynnfield safe and clean is greatly appreciated!

Delmarva Natural Gas Project Update

As of 8/28/2019 the contractor is installing the gas services to the customers that have applied and provided the onsite meeting with Dave.   The anticipated completion date for construction for the service installation is around September 27th.   Once services are completed the crew will then concentrate all efforts on the restoration of the neighborhood.  Contact the Delmarva Switch to Natural Gas team if you are interested in adding natural gas access to your home or if you have any questions regarding this project. 302-429-3117.

If You Smell Gas...


According to Suzanne Topor from Delmarva, all of the natural gas main has been installed in Lynnfield and has been activated. As of yesterday, all of the requested services are completed on Bette and the team has moved onto Ridgeland. Services are the connections from the main gas line in the street to the house (this is optional). All Lynnfield homeowners now have the opportunity to connect their home to the natural gas lines by contacting Delmarva. Contact the Delmarva Switch to Natural Gas team if you are interested in adding natural gas access to your home or if you have any questions regarding this project. 302-429-3117


As the Guardian/Delmarva crew moves through the neighborhood, please be mindful of not leaving vehicles parked on the street during the week day from about 8 AM to 4 PM if at all possible when they are working on your street. This is not mandatory but, when possible, it will ease concerns about passing traffic during the project. Currently (5/13/2019) they seem to be working mostly on Upper Homewood Road.


The team from Guardian contracted by Delmarva to perform the gas main installation has left some materials and a storage trailer by the Lynnfield Park as mentioned at the preconstruction. The equipment should not be tampered with in any way. Please share that information with neighbors with children that may play at the park or teenagers that like to spend time at the park as the nicer weather has arrived so that they can be aware of any safety issues. Please contact Dave Titter, the project Fieldman, at david.titter@delmarva.com or at 302-290-9636 with any questions or concerns.


Thank you to all who attended the Delmarva Preconstruction Meeting for Lynnfield! And special thank you to those 38 homeowners who have submitted a deposit in order for this project to be initiated! S Please note that connection to the gas lines is not mandatory. If you are interested in connecting to the gas lines and activating within the next two heating seasons, however, you can still submit and application to Delmarva to be part of this project. If down the road you want to connect your home to the gas lines, you can always contact Delmarva at that time to discuss installation.

According to Delmarva, the project is expected to begin on Monday (4/1/2019). You may see or have seen workers capturing the current condition of the expected work area on video for documentation and planning purposed. The MAIN lines will be installed throughout the neighborhood first from roughly 4/1 through to the end of May using directional boring beneath the right of way area of the sidewalk to limit the amount of digging needed to install the gas lines. The installation of the optional SERVICE lines (line connecting a house to the main gas lines) will run from the end of May through to approximately the beginning of August. The Delmarva team has stated that they will do their best to limit any inconvenience to our neighbors whenever possible. Any questions and concerns can be shared with Dave Titter (david.titter@delmarva.com). For example, if you have a safety concern during the project or if you are planning a social event at your house over this time and are concerned about the effects of possible construction near your home, you can discuss this with Dave and he and his team will do their best to accommodate your request. The LCA will share more information as we receive it. *** The LCA is simply relaying this information provided by Delmarva and is not responsible for the accuracy of the information or for the installation project in any way.***

Important Note: Information provided is from Delmarva. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Delmarva to verify information. LCA does not make any guarantees except that we try our best to share the accurate information with our neighbors.

Helpful Documents:

Preconstruction Meeting Presentation


Delmarva FAQ - Natural Gas Switch

Delmarva Natural Gas Information Card